Streamline Your Support with Zendesk Integration
Connect your Zendesk account to our product to streamline your support workflows. Analyze customer feedback in real-time and categorize it for quick resolution. Improve your support team's efficiency and provide better customer experiences.
Get started with Zendesk
Get started with Zendesk

Twyg for Zendesk Integration: Unleash the Power of Advanced AI in Your Customer Service

With Twyg's innovative Zendesk integration, understanding your customer's needs and improving their satisfaction is now easier and more efficient than ever before. Utilizing OpenAI's advanced GPT-4 AI system, Twyg transforms your Zendesk Support tickets into actionable insights, allowing your team to focus on what matters: your customers. Get started with Automating Zendesk Ticket Analysis and Ticket Reporting today.

Why Use Twyg's Zendesk Integration?

This cutting-edge integration brings a whole new level of efficiency to your customer service operations:

  • Gain insight into the key drivers of customer satisfaction and reasons for contact.
  • Save hours of manual work each week and discover 90% more insights compared to manual analysis.
  • Shift from reactive to proactive customer service.
  • Enjoy an easy setup with our 1-click install, and a free trial to get started.

Key Features

Our Zendesk Integration is packed with features that enable you to understand your customers better:

  • Automate Zendesk Ticket reporting
  • Identify top customer pain points and trends
  • Sentiment analysis of Zendesk tickets
  • Get ticket categorization by a unique theme hierarchy created for your business
  • Identify top feedback trends, bugs, feature requests, and more, summarized in natural language.
  • Use powerful semantic search to quickly find and filter feedback.
  • Free to try, with no setup time.

Easy Setup

Get started with Twyg for Zendesk in just a few steps:

  1. Create your free account
  2. Authenticate Zendesk access using OAuth with Twyg.
  3. After you authenticate, Twyg will automatically analyze your Zendesk Support conversations, and you can start exploring insights from your customers.

What Makes Twyg Stand Out?

Our commitment to delivering superior customer insights has garnered us the trust of customers across the globe. We help customers analyze feedback from more than half a million users globally, in up to 25+ languages.

Start Your Journey to Better Zendesk Insights Today

Understanding your customers is the key to success, and Twyg is here to make that journey easier. With our advanced GPT-4 technology, you can automate your Zendesk ticket reporting, perform in-depth sentiment analysis, and categorize topics with ease. Don't let valuable insights remain hidden in your Zendesk data.

Start your free trial today and experience the power of Twyg firsthand.

We're committed to continuously improving our product and delivering value to our users. We would love to hear about your experience and the challenges you're facing. Your feedback helps us make Twyg even better.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat

We look forward to helping you uncover fresh Zendesk insights and enhance your customer understanding.

Ready to try it out?

Start your free trial today to get high-quality insights from your customer data.

Julia Trost
Our new joiners can’t believe we used to do this manually!

We use Twyg as part of our product planning. One of the biggest values of Twyg is that we can make data-driven decisions on prioritization, rather than relying on gut feeling”

With Twyg we easily understand the voice of the customer

Julia Trost

Customer Succes Manager, Magma Math

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